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Affected Issues  0033187: Modeling Algorithms - Crash in postprocessing of imported shape
Changeset 0033187: Modeling Algorithms - Crash in postprocessing of imported shape

Problem: Desynchronization of behaviors of GeomAdaptor_Curve::NbIntervals and
 GeomAdaptor_Curve::Intervals functions. First calculates number of intervals, then
 array is created and second fills the array. In some cases the size of array
 is less than need for filling.

1. Added function BSplCLib::Intervals that calculates number of interval and fills
 the array with its (if needed).
2. Simplified the algorithm of intervals calculation.
3. GeomAdaptor_Curve::NbIntervals/Intervals and Geom2dAdaptor_Curve::NbIntervals/Intervals
 use BSplCLib::Intervals.
4. When creating an adapter for the base curve, the boundaries of the adapter for the offset curve are applied.
5. Test for problem shape was created: bugs modalg_8 bug33187.

Result: The new approach eliminates the problem of writing outside the array bounds.
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