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jgv smoskvin master 2021-12-24 07:12:49 master 16a263dc
Changeset 0032747: Modeling Algorithms - Exact HLR algorithm gives wrong result

Modify the method IntWalk_IWalking::TestArretCadre: correct the value of scalar product of two vectors according to the tolerances in U and V.
mod - src/IntWalk/IntWalk_IWalking_2.gxx Diff File
rm - tests/hlr/end Diff File
add - tests/hlr/exact_hlr/bug32747 Diff File
mod - tests/hlr/exact_hlr/C13 Diff File
mod - tests/hlr/exact_hlr/C18 Diff File
mod - tests/hlr/exact_hlr/C3 Diff File
add - tests/hlr/exact_hlr/end Diff File
add - tests/hlr/poly_hlr/end Diff File