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Affected Issues  0030151: Modeling Algorithms - Removal of the API level of old Boolean operations algorithm (BRepAlgo_BooleanOperation)
Changeset 0030151: Modeling Algorithms - Removal of the API level of old Boolean operations algorithm (BRepAlgo_BooleanOperation)

The following classes have been removed as obsolete:
- BRepAlgo_BooleanOperation
- BRepAlgo_Fuse
- BRepAlgo_Cut
- BRepAlgo_Common
- BRepAlgo_Section

The corresponding classes from BRepAlgoAPI package have to be used instead.

Draw commands:
- fuse
- cut
- common
- section/psection
have also been removed as obsolete.

The corresponding commands for modern Boolean operations algorithm (bfuse/bcut/bcommon/bsection) have to be used instead.

Adjustment of the test cases to use the commands for modern algorithm.
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rm - src/BRepAlgo/BRepAlgo_Common.hxx Diff File
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rm - src/BRepAlgo/BRepAlgo_Cut.hxx Diff File
rm - src/BRepAlgo/BRepAlgo_Fuse.cxx Diff File
rm - src/BRepAlgo/BRepAlgo_Fuse.hxx Diff File
rm - src/BRepAlgo/BRepAlgo_Section.cxx Diff File
rm - src/BRepAlgo/BRepAlgo_Section.hxx Diff File
rm - src/BRepAlgo/BRepAlgo_Tool.cxx Diff File
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