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sshutina bugmaster master 2021-09-01 12:43:40 master 13584d14
Affected Issues  0031351: Inspectors - thread in DFBrowser removing
Changeset 0031351: Inspectors - thread in DFBrowser removing

 - DFBrowser_Thread and connected are removed from the package as obsolete
rm - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_Thread.cxx Diff File
rm - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_Thread.hxx Diff File
rm - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_ThreadItem.hxx Diff File
rm - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_ThreadItemSearch.cxx Diff File
rm - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_ThreadItemSearch.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_Window.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_Window.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowser/FILES Diff File