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osa osa master 2021-05-28 14:25:04 master 4db6d89b
Affected Issues  0032390: Visualization, SelectMgr_FrustumBuilder - use camera instead of duplicated methods
Changeset 0032390: Visualization, SelectMgr_FrustumBuilder - use camera instead of duplicated methods

Fix incorrect value of axis intersection with segment inside of SelectMgr_AxisIntersector::raySegmentDistance().
Move camera definition to base intersector (it is not possible to set it for axis intersector, is is not applicable).
Add method Graphic3d_Camera::SetIdentityOrientation() to set camera parameters to make current orientation matrix identity one.
Remove all matrices from selection intersectors and frustum builder and use camera instead of them.
Fix missed axis tests in vselect grid.
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