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osa bugmaster master 2021-05-13 15:52:39 master 77d94fd1
Affected Issues  0032365: Visualization - refactoring of viewer selector
Changeset 0032365: Visualization - refactoring of viewer selector

Add SelectMgr_BaseIntersector class as base intersector that can have any geometry not only frustum.
Remove cached static array of selecting volumes from selecting volume manager. Keep only one the latest active selection volume.
Change initialization interface of active volume frustum inside of selecting volume manager: Init*SelectingVolume(), set required parameters, BuildSelectingVolume(). Mark existing BuildSelectingVolume() methods as deprecated.
Use SelectMgr_SelectionType instead of SelectBasics_SelectingVolumeManager::SelectionType (the last one is marked as deprecated).
Add interface GetViewRayDirection() to selecting volume manager to get view ray direction (instead of computation it as vector from near to far point).
Add interface IsScalableActiveVolume() to selecting volume manager to check possibility of scaling of current active selecting volume.
mod - src/AIS/AIS_InteractiveContext.cxx Diff File
mod - src/AIS/AIS_Manipulator.cxx Diff File
mod - src/AIS/AIS_ViewCube.cxx Diff File
mod - src/IVtkOCC/IVtkOCC_ViewerSelector.cxx Diff File
mod - src/MeshVS/MeshVS_SensitiveQuad.cxx Diff File
mod - src/QABugs/QABugs_19.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Select3D/Select3D_SensitiveCircle.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Select3D/Select3D_SensitiveGroup.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Select3D/Select3D_SensitivePoly.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Select3D/Select3D_SensitivePrimitiveArray.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Select3D/Select3D_SensitiveSegment.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Select3D/Select3D_SensitiveSet.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Select3D/Select3D_SensitiveTriangle.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Select3D/Select3D_SensitiveTriangulation.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Select3D/Select3D_SensitiveTriangulation.hxx Diff File
mod - src/SelectBasics/SelectBasics_SelectingVolumeManager.hxx Diff File
mod - src/SelectMgr/FILES Diff File
mod - src/SelectMgr/SelectMgr_BaseFrustum.cxx Diff File
mod - src/SelectMgr/SelectMgr_BaseFrustum.hxx Diff File
add - src/SelectMgr/SelectMgr_BaseIntersector.cxx Diff File
add - src/SelectMgr/SelectMgr_BaseIntersector.hxx Diff File
mod - src/SelectMgr/SelectMgr_Frustum.hxx Diff File
mod - src/SelectMgr/SelectMgr_Frustum.lxx Diff File
mod - src/SelectMgr/SelectMgr_RectangularFrustum.cxx Diff File
mod - src/SelectMgr/SelectMgr_RectangularFrustum.hxx Diff File
mod - src/SelectMgr/SelectMgr_SelectingVolumeManager.cxx Diff File
mod - src/SelectMgr/SelectMgr_SelectingVolumeManager.hxx Diff File
add - src/SelectMgr/SelectMgr_SelectionType.hxx Diff File
mod - src/SelectMgr/SelectMgr_TriangularFrustum.cxx Diff File
mod - src/SelectMgr/SelectMgr_TriangularFrustum.hxx Diff File
mod - src/SelectMgr/SelectMgr_TriangularFrustumSet.cxx Diff File
mod - src/SelectMgr/SelectMgr_TriangularFrustumSet.hxx Diff File
mod - src/SelectMgr/SelectMgr_ViewerSelector.cxx Diff File
mod - src/SelectMgr/SelectMgr_ViewerSelector3d.cxx Diff File