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Affected Issues  0027191: Documentation - redesign of information architecture
Changeset 0027191: Documentation - redesign of information architecture -- revision (user guides)

Revision of User Guides

- Changes in User Guides Section to correspond with OCCT Overview structure: Mesh became a direct subsection of User Guides (it was a part of Modeling Algorithms).
  TObj is included into OCAF.
- Changes in User Guides – Modeling Algorithms section: Fillets and Chamfers, Offsets, Drafts, Pipes and Evolved shapes, Sewing, Features, 3D Model Defeaturing, 3D Model Periodicity,
  Object Modification are moved into The Topology API section.
- Changes in User Guides – Modeling Data section: Naming shapes, sub-shapes, their orientation and state section is renamed to Shape content. Shape Location is moved into Shape content section.
  Storage of Shapes is moved into BRep Format section of Specification. Lists and Maps of Shapes subsection is moved into Topology - Exploration of Topological Data Structures.
- Some pictures in User Guides (Foundation Classes, Modeling Data, Modeling Algorithms) and Tutorial are updated to improve quality and correct mistakes.
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