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mzernova bugmaster master 2020-08-31 14:28:25 master ba8175dd
Affected Issues  0031733: Visualization, Prs3d_ToolQuadric - create indexed arrays
Changeset 0031733: Visualization, Prs3d_ToolQuadric - create indexed arrays

Prs3d_ToolQuadric has been modified to return an indexed triangulation.
Added methods Prs3d_ToolQuadric::CreateTriangulation() and Prs3d_ToolQuadric::CreateTriangulation()
as more straightforward API returning generated triangulation.
Added missing const to constant methods.

Confusing method Prs3d_ToolQuadric::FillArray() filling both
Graphic3d_ArrayOfTriangles and Poly_Triangulation at once has been marked deprecated.

V3d_Trihedron, AIS_ViewCube and AIS_Manipulator
now set Closed flag to groups with shaded sphere and arrows.
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