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Affected Issues  0031424: Visualization - stop using Prs3d_Drawer::HLRAngle() parameter
Changeset 0031424: Visualization - stop using Prs3d_Drawer::HLRAngle() parameter

Prs3d_Drawer, AIS_Shape, AIS_InteractiveContext - removed properties HLRDeviationCoefficient() and HLRAngle().
Prs3d_Drawer::HLRAngle() is kept as alias to Prs3d_Drawer::DeviationAngle() with deprecated flag.
Prs3d_Drawer::DeviationAngle() default value is changed from 12 to 20 degrees
to match Prs3d_Drawer::HLRAngle() which has been previously used in majority of cases.
Removed unused property HLRBRep_PolyAlgo::Angle().
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