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kgv bugmaster master 2019-08-30 18:52:12 master c8428cb3
Affected Issues  0029516: Visualization - eliminate redundant property Graphic3d_MaterialAspect::ReflectionMode()
Changeset 0029516: Visualization - eliminate redundant property Graphic3d_MaterialAspect::ReflectionMode()

Decomposition of Ambient, Diffuse, Specular and Emissive properties has been eliminated within *Graphic3d_MaterialAspect* definition,
so that following methods of *Graphic3d_MaterialAspect* class have been removed:
SetReflectionMode(), SetReflectionModeOn(), Ambient(), Diffuse(), Emissive(), Specular(), SetAmbient(), SetDiffuse(), SetSpecular(), SetEmissive().

Graphic3d_NOM_NEON_GNC non-physical material definition has been corrected
and define WHITE emission color coefficient instead of YELLOW.

Added method Graphic3d_ClipPlane::SetCappingColor() for more straight-forward modification of Capping color in case of non-physical material.
Prs3d_ShadingAspect::Color() has been fixed to return InteriorColor instead of material color coefficient in case of non-physical material.
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