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Changeset 0029711: General Fuse operation produces invalid result

The following improvements have been introduced in Boolean Operations algorithm s:
1. UBTree is replaced with EBTree in Boolean operations to be able to add/remove elements into the tree of bounding boxes.
2. Repeated (nested) intersection of sub-shapes is performed with argument vertices whose tolerances increased during the operation.
3. The algorithms of Edge/Edge and Edge/Face intersection have been improved for the cases when the intersection point is located close to the edge boundaries .
4. New procedure has been implemented to ensure forced creation of Edge/Face common blocks in cases when the edge is really close to the face.
5. Post-processing of Face/Face intersection results has been improved.
6. Extension of the planar faces for Plane/Plane intersection is avoided.
7. Builder Face now better classifies potentially internal edges relatively to new faces with filtering by bounding boxes.

Side effect changes:
1. IntTools_ShrunkRange now keeps the length of the valid range of the edge.
2. The method BOPDS_DS::UpdateEdgeTolerance() has been removed as unused (replaced by the BOPAlgo_PaveFiller::UpdateEdgeTolerance()).

Test case for the issue 0029900.
Test case for the issue 0029711.
Adjustments of the existing test cases.

Avoid using uninitialized variables.
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