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kgv bugmaster master 2018-07-06 23:27:51 master be3d8cbc
Affected Issues 0029935: Foundation Classes - introduce OSD_ThreadPool class defining a thread pool
Changeset 0029935: Foundation Classes - introduce OSD_ThreadPool class defining a thread pool

New class OSD_ThreadPool has been introduced to define a Thread Pool for multi-threading algorithm.
Thread Pool assigns a serial number for each thread allowing Multi-Threading algorithm to allocate thread-local storage variables as an array whose size is the same as the number of threads.

OSD_ThreadPool also redirects exceptions to a thread calling parallel execution and consistently initializes FPE exception handling.

New class Standard_Condition provides a platform-independent tool similar to Event in WinAPI.

A new auxiliary function Standard_Atomic_CompareAndSwap() has been introduced
for performing atomic compare and swap of integer number.
Standard_Atomic_Increment/Standard_Atomic_Decrement fallback implementation
using ASM code for x86 processors for GCC has been dropped;
instead, it is expected that GCC should be properly configured targeting modern x86 architectures.

OSD_Signal now declares fFltExceptions as thread_local variable accessible through OSD::ToCatchFloatingSignals() property.
Standard_THREADLOCAL macro (wrapping thread_local attribute) has been moved to public header Standard_Macro.hxx.

OSD_Parallel::ForEach() has been extended with new optional parameter theNbItems and uses OSD_ThreadPool::DefaultPool().
mod - src/BRepMesh/BRepMesh_FastDiscret.cxx Diff ] File ]
mod - src/BRepMesh/BRepMesh_IncrementalMesh.cxx Diff ] File ]
mod - src/OSD/FILES Diff ] File ]
mod - src/OSD/OSD.hxx Diff ] File ]
mod - src/OSD/OSD_Parallel.hxx Diff ] File ]
mod - src/OSD/OSD_Parallel_TBB.cxx Diff ] File ]
mod - src/OSD/OSD_Parallel_Threads.cxx Diff ] File ]
mod - src/OSD/OSD_signal.cxx Diff ] File ]
add - src/OSD/OSD_ThreadPool.cxx Diff ] File ]
add - src/OSD/OSD_ThreadPool.hxx Diff ] File ]
mod - src/QABugs/QABugs_19.cxx Diff ] File ]
mod - src/Standard/FILES Diff ] File ]
mod - src/Standard/Standard_Atomic.hxx Diff ] File ]
add - src/Standard/Standard_Condition.cxx Diff ] File ]
add - src/Standard/Standard_Condition.hxx Diff ] File ]
mod - src/Standard/Standard_Failure.cxx Diff ] File ]
mod - src/Standard/Standard_Macro.hxx Diff ] File ]

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