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Affected Issues  0029748: Samples - Inspector tool - use recently opened files in TInspectorEXE
Changeset 0029748: Samples - Inspector tool - use recently opened files in TInspectorEXE

- recently files using in open file dialog
- correction of TInspectorEXE title to show opened file path by Start
mod - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_Window.cxx Diff File
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mod - tools/TInspectorAPI/TInspectorAPI_PluginParameters.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/TInspectorEXE/TInspectorEXE.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/TInspectorEXE/TInspectorEXE_OpenFileDialog.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/TInspectorEXE/TInspectorEXE_OpenFileDialog.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/TInspectorEXE/TInspectorEXE_OpenFileViewModel.cxx Diff File
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