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nds bugmaster master 2018-03-23 13:08:11 master 6dfdbb7a
Affected Issues  0029674: Samples - Improvements in Inspector tool
Changeset 0029674: Improvements in Inspector tool

- preferences for dock windows geometry, tree view columns and current view projection;
- ViewControl package for common functionality between plugins;
- processing Location and Orientation for external TopoDS_Shape object
- 'F5' key to update content of each plugin
- visibility column in tree view (used now only in ShapeView)
- properties child item for context (presents tree of current Filters of context)
mod - adm/cmake/qt.cmake Diff File
mod - adm/cmake/qt_macro.cmake Diff File
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mod - samples/tools/TInspectorEXE/src/TInspectorEXE.cxx Diff File
mod - samples/tools/TInspectorEXE/src/TInspectorEXE_OpenFileDialog.cxx Diff File
mod - samples/tools/TInspectorEXE/src/TInspectorEXE_OpenFileDialog.hxx Diff File
mod - samples/tools/TInspectorEXE/src/TInspectorEXE_OpenFileViewModel.cxx Diff File
mod - samples/tools/TInspectorEXE/src/TInspectorEXE_OpenFileViewModel.hxx Diff File
mod - src/TopAbs/TopAbs.cxx Diff File
mod - src/TopAbs/TopAbs.hxx Diff File
mod - src/V3d/V3d.cxx Diff File
mod - src/V3d/V3d.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_AttributePaneStack.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_Communicator.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_Item.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_PropertyPanel.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_SearchLine.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_SearchView.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_Thread.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_Thread.hxx Diff File
rm - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_ThreadItemUsedShapesMap.cxx Diff File
rm - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_ThreadItemUsedShapesMap.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_TreeLevelLine.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_TreeLevelView.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_TreeModel.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_TreeModel.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_Window.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowser/DFBrowser_Window.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowser/FILES Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowserPane/DFBrowserPane_AttributePaneAPI.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowserPane/DFBrowserPane_TableView.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowserPane/DFBrowserPane_TDataStdTreeNodeModel.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowserPane/DFBrowserPane_TDataStdTreeNodeModel.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowserPane/DFBrowserPane_TDocStdOwner.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowserPane/DFBrowserPane_TNamingNamedShape.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowserPane/DFBrowserPane_TNamingNamedShape.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowserPane/DFBrowserPane_Tools.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowserPaneXDE/DFBrowserPaneXDE_AttributeCommonPane.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/DFBrowserPaneXDE/DFBrowserPaneXDE_AttributeCommonPane.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/ShapeView/FILES Diff File
mod - tools/ShapeView/ShapeView_Communicator.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/ShapeView/ShapeView_Communicator.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/ShapeView/ShapeView_ItemShape.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/ShapeView/ShapeView_Tools.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/ShapeView/ShapeView_Tools.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/ShapeView/ShapeView_TreeModel.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/ShapeView/ShapeView_TreeModel.hxx Diff File
add - tools/ShapeView/ShapeView_VisibilityState.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/ShapeView/ShapeView_Window.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/ShapeView/ShapeView_Window.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/TInspector/FILES Diff File
add - tools/TInspector/icons/plugin_actions.png Diff File
mod - tools/TInspector/TInspector.qrc Diff File
mod - tools/TInspector/TInspector_Communicator.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/TInspector/TInspector_Communicator.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/TInspector/TInspector_PluginParameters.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/TInspector/TInspector_PluginParameters.hxx Diff File
add - tools/TInspector/TInspector_Preferences.cxx Diff File
add - tools/TInspector/TInspector_Preferences.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/TInspector/TInspector_Window.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/TInspector/TInspector_Window.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/TInspectorAPI/FILES Diff File
mod - tools/TInspectorAPI/TInspectorAPI_Communicator.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/TInspectorAPI/TInspectorAPI_PluginParameters.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/TInspectorAPI/TInspectorAPI_PluginParameters.hxx Diff File
add - tools/TInspectorAPI/TInspectorAPI_PreferencesDataMap.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/TKTInspector/EXTERNLIB Diff File
mod - tools/TKTInspectorAPI/EXTERNLIB Diff File
mod - tools/TKTreeModel/PACKAGES Diff File
mod - tools/ToolsDraw/ToolsDraw.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/TreeModel/FILES Diff File
add - tools/TreeModel/icons/item_invisible.png Diff File
add - tools/TreeModel/icons/item_visible.png Diff File
add - tools/TreeModel/TreeModel.hxx Diff File
add - tools/TreeModel/TreeModel.qrc Diff File
add - tools/TreeModel/TreeModel_ColumnType.hxx Diff File
add - tools/TreeModel/TreeModel_ContextMenu.cxx Diff File
add - tools/TreeModel/TreeModel_HeaderSection.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/TreeModel/TreeModel_ItemBase.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/TreeModel/TreeModel_ItemBase.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/TreeModel/TreeModel_ModelBase.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/TreeModel/TreeModel_ModelBase.hxx Diff File
add - tools/TreeModel/TreeModel_Tools.cxx Diff File
add - tools/TreeModel/TreeModel_Tools.hxx Diff File
add - tools/TreeModel/TreeModel_VisibilityState.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/View/FILES Diff File
rm - tools/View/icons/keep_view_off.svg Diff File
rm - tools/View/icons/keep_view_on.svg Diff File
mod - tools/View/View_Displayer.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/View/View_Displayer.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/View/View_ToolBar.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/View/View_ToolBar.hxx Diff File
add - tools/View/View_ToolButton.hxx Diff File
add - tools/View/View_Tools.cxx Diff File
add - tools/View/View_Tools.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/View/View_Widget.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/View/View_Widget.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/View/View_Window.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/View/View_Window.hxx Diff File
add - tools/ViewControl/FILES Diff File
add - tools/ViewControl/ViewControl_Tools.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/VInspector/FILES Diff File
add - tools/VInspector/icons/treeview_and.png Diff File
add - tools/VInspector/icons/treeview_or.png Diff File
mod - tools/VInspector/VInspector.qrc Diff File
mod - tools/VInspector/VInspector_Communicator.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/VInspector/VInspector_ItemBase.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/VInspector/VInspector_ItemBase.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/VInspector/VInspector_ItemContext.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/VInspector/VInspector_ItemContext.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/VInspector/VInspector_ItemEntityOwner.cxx Diff File
add - tools/VInspector/VInspector_ItemFolderObject.cxx Diff File
add - tools/VInspector/VInspector_ItemFolderObject.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/VInspector/VInspector_ItemHistoryTypeInfo.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/VInspector/VInspector_ItemPresentableObject.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/VInspector/VInspector_ItemSelection.cxx Diff File
add - tools/VInspector/VInspector_ItemSelectMgrFilter.cxx Diff File
add - tools/VInspector/VInspector_ItemSelectMgrFilter.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/VInspector/VInspector_ItemSensitiveEntity.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/VInspector/VInspector_Tools.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/VInspector/VInspector_ViewModel.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/VInspector/VInspector_ViewModel.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/VInspector/VInspector_ViewModelHistory.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/VInspector/VInspector_ViewModelHistory.hxx Diff File
mod - tools/VInspector/VInspector_Window.cxx Diff File
mod - tools/VInspector/VInspector_Window.hxx Diff File