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oan bugmaster master 2017-09-14 08:39:36 master a4ab454c
Affected Issues  0028824: Possibility to build OCCT 7.1.0 and above using Visual Studio 2008
Changeset 0028824: Possibility to build OCCT 7.1.0 and above using Visual Studio 2008

Possibility to build OCCT using Visual Studio 2008 (VC9) is restored.
For that:

- template functions and classes from namespace std or tr1 (for VC9) are imported to namespace opencascade which is then used instead of std in relevant places
- templates not provided by compiler (VC9) but required for OCCT are defined in this namespace (in Standard_Handle.hxx)
- methods implementing move semantics are excluded for VC9 compiler (which does not support && syntax)
- support of vc9 compiler is restored in build procedures and environment scripts
- check of type of the current class in macros DEFINE_STANDARD_RTTI* is refactored

VS 2008 is restored in the list of supported platforms on Overview / System Requirements.
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