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Changeset 0029073: Regression: General Cut produces invalid shape

Boolean Operations:
1. Face/Face intersection post treatment - Unify vertices put on the section curves, which were rejected as existing ones, with the vertices of edges by which these section curves have been rejected.

2. Extend Warnings Reporting system of Boolean operations with the new warnings:
- BOPAlgo_AlertIntersectionOfPairOfShapesFailed - to be added when the intersection of pair of sub-shapes of the arguments has failed;
- BOPAlgo_AlertBuildingPCurveFailed - to be added when the building of the 2D curve of the edge on face has failed;
- BOPAlgo_AlertAcquiredSelfIntersection - to be added when the positioning and tolerances of the arguments leads to creation of self-interfered shapes.

These new warnings allow completing the operation even if intersection of some of the sub-shapes or building of some of the PCurves has failed. Moreover, they allow getting the pairs of sub-shapes on which the intersection/projection has failed, providing the user ability to analyze the intersection results.

Note that if some of these warnings appear, the result of the operation should be carefully analyzed for validity.

3. Print messages for the Warnings/Errors met during checking of the shape on self-intersection ("bopcheck" command).
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