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Affected Issues 0029077: Tests - improve command testfile
Changeset 0029077: Tests - improve command testfile

Command testfile is improved to be more usable by developers for checking data files used by the new test cases before their integration to the test data base:

1. Do not check and do not report problems found in the repo when checking new files -- this check is done only when argument is "-check"

2. Can check a file located in a directory listed in CSF_TestDataPath as new one without it being considered as already in the data base

3. For new BREP files, reports warning if the file contains triangulation, suggesting that it can be removed to minimize the size

4. Can identify the same (by content) file in the data base for the new files in DOS encoding (less than 1 MB)

5. Can detect duplicates among the input files

6. Outputs result in more clear form

7. When loading STL files, uses option "triangulation" to be efficient

Automated Testing System guide is updated to describe command testfile.

Added test demo testsystem testfile
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