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abv bugmaster master 2017-08-18 12:05:34 master 7d3225b5
Affected Issues 0028478: Scope Names Are Swallowed in Message_ProgressSentry Constructors
Changeset 0028478: Scope Names Are Swallowed in Message_ProgressSentry Constructors

Tests are added to control output and performance of progress indicator (bugs fclasses bug28478 and perf fclasses progress, respectively).

Implementation of class Draw_ProgressIndicator is improved to update indicator basing on achieved total progress (1% by default) instead of elapsed time since last update.

Method OSD_Chronometer::Restart() is fixed to actually reset the counter.

DRAW command readstl is improved to show progress indicator if configured (by command XProgress).

Description of class Message_ProgressIndicator is updated; code example is added in description of Message_ProgressSentry.
mod - src/Draw/Draw_ProgressIndicator.cxx Diff ] File ]
mod - src/Draw/Draw_ProgressIndicator.hxx Diff ] File ]
mod - src/Message/Message_ProgressIndicator.hxx Diff ] File ]
mod - src/Message/Message_ProgressSentry.hxx Diff ] File ]
mod - src/OSD/OSD_Chronometer.cxx Diff ] File ]
mod - src/QABugs/QABugs_11.cxx Diff ] File ]
add - tests/bugs/fclasses/bug28478 Diff ] File ]
add - tests/perf/fclasses/progress Diff ] File ]

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