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dbv dbv master 2012-12-07 09:42:37 master cb9292ed
Affected Issues  0023415: OSD_FontMgr can't idenify aspect for fonts with names dependant on system locale.
Changeset 0023415: OSD_FontMgr can't idenify aspect for fonts with names dependant on system locale.

Added function DetectFontsAspects to Font_FontMgr class. This function uses workaround from OpenGl_FontMgr with FreeType for detecting font aspect.
Removed font name parsing from Font_FontMgr::InitFontDataBase(). Now the font name and font style we get through the FreeType.
Fixed Unix part of Font_FontMgr::InitFontDataBase() method. Font name and font style now detected through the FreeType.
Remarks fix. Added recursive default font directories scanning .
Fixed adding fonts folders recursively from configuration files.
Moved fonts aliases map from OpenGl_Display_1 to Font_FontMgr.
Moved fonts name definition from Graphic3d_NameOfFont.hxx to Font_NameOfFont.hxx.
Added new methods to Font_FontMgr: GetAvailableFontsNames, GetFont and FindFont.
Modified Font_SystemFont creation from XLFD. Added method IsEqual to Font_SystemFont.
Modified methods OpenGl_Display::FindFont, OpenGl_FontMgr::request_font in accordance to the new functionality of the Font_FontMgr.
OpenGl_FontMgr now stores only generated fonts instead of duplication of available fonts list.
Removed method OpenGl_FontMgr::requestFontList. Its function now performs Font_FontMgr::GetAvailableFontsNames.
Documentation was fixed
Adjusting testing cases for current state of OCCT
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