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emv bugmaster master 2017-03-31 12:38:08 master 90271a90
Affected Issues  0028579: Get rid of the obsolete QANewModTopOpe_* and QANewBRepNaming_* algorithms
Changeset 0028579: Get rid of the obsolete QANewModTopOpe_* and QANewBRepNaming_* algorithms

1. The packages *QANewModTopOpe*, *QANewBRepNaming* and *QANewDBRepNaming* have been removed as containing obsolete features.
   The corresponding QA commands (such as OCC252, OCC307 and OCC294) and test cases have also been removed.

2. The QA command buc60609 has been removed. The corresponding test case bugs/moddata_1/buc60609 has been rewritten using b2dclassify command.
mod - dox/dev_guides/upgrade/upgrade.md Diff File
mod - src/QABugs/QABugs_11.cxx Diff File
mod - src/QABugs/QABugs_16.cxx Diff File
mod - src/QABugs/QABugs_3.cxx Diff File
mod - src/QADraw/QADraw_Additional.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/FILES Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_BooleanOperation.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_BooleanOperation.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Box.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Box.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Chamfer.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Chamfer.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Common.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Common.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Cut.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Cut.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Cylinder.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Cylinder.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Fillet.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Fillet.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Fuse.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Fuse.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Gluing.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Gluing.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_ImportShape.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_ImportShape.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Intersection.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Intersection.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Limitation.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Limitation.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Loader.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Loader.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_LoaderParent.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_LoaderParent.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Prism.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Prism.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Revol.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Revol.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Sphere.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_Sphere.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_TopNaming.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_TopNaming.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_TopNaming.lxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewBRepNaming/QANewBRepNaming_TypeOfPrimitive3D.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewDBRepNaming/FILES Diff File
rm - src/QANewDBRepNaming/QANewDBRepNaming.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewDBRepNaming/QANewDBRepNaming.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewDBRepNaming/QANewDBRepNaming_FeatureCommands.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewDBRepNaming/QANewDBRepNaming_PrimitiveCommands.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewModTopOpe/FILES Diff File
rm - src/QANewModTopOpe/QANewModTopOpe.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewModTopOpe/QANewModTopOpe.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewModTopOpe/QANewModTopOpe_CommonPtr.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewModTopOpe/QANewModTopOpe_CutPtr.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewModTopOpe/QANewModTopOpe_Glue.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewModTopOpe/QANewModTopOpe_Glue.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewModTopOpe/QANewModTopOpe_Glue_SDFaces.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewModTopOpe/QANewModTopOpe_Glue_shell.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewModTopOpe/QANewModTopOpe_Glue_util.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewModTopOpe/QANewModTopOpe_Glue_vertex.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewModTopOpe/QANewModTopOpe_Glue_wire.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewModTopOpe/QANewModTopOpe_Intersection.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewModTopOpe/QANewModTopOpe_Intersection.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewModTopOpe/QANewModTopOpe_Limitation.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewModTopOpe/QANewModTopOpe_Limitation.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewModTopOpe/QANewModTopOpe_ModeOfLimitation.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewModTopOpe/QANewModTopOpe_ReShaper.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewModTopOpe/QANewModTopOpe_ReShaper.hxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewModTopOpe/QANewModTopOpe_Tools.cxx Diff File
rm - src/QANewModTopOpe/QANewModTopOpe_Tools.hxx Diff File
mod - src/TKQADraw/PACKAGES Diff File
rm - tests/bugs/caf/bug282 Diff File
rm - tests/bugs/caf/bug350 Diff File
rm - tests/bugs/caf/bug351 Diff File
rm - tests/bugs/caf/bug352 Diff File
rm - tests/bugs/caf/bug355 Diff File
rm - tests/bugs/modalg_2/bug307_1 Diff File
rm - tests/bugs/modalg_2/bug307_2 Diff File
rm - tests/bugs/modalg_4/bug6272_1 Diff File
rm - tests/bugs/modalg_4/bug6272_2 Diff File
rm - tests/bugs/modalg_4/bug6272_3 Diff File
rm - tests/bugs/modalg_4/bug6272_4 Diff File
mod - tests/bugs/moddata_1/buc60609 Diff File
rm - tests/bugs/moddata_2/bug252_1 Diff File
rm - tests/bugs/moddata_2/bug252_2 Diff File
rm - tests/bugs/moddata_2/bug252_3 Diff File
rm - tests/bugs/step/buc60906 Diff File
rm - tests/bugs/vis/bug294 Diff File
rm - tests/caf/nam/A6 Diff File
rm - tests/caf/nam/A7 Diff File
rm - tests/caf/nam/A8 Diff File
rm - tests/caf/nam/A9 Diff File