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msv apn master 2017-02-02 12:57:58 master 2b3e2b78
Affected Issues 0028313: Extend Draw functionality with some new useful commands and features
Changeset 0028313: Extend Draw functionality with some new useful commands and features

1) In Views menu the check button item "Extended view commands" has been added. Pressing on it shows/hides the set of buttons in the main window that allow manipulating of view zoom/pan/rotate by mouse.

2) New category of commands "Vector and measurement Commands" has been added. The commands in this category allow simple calculations using 2D and 3D vectors, such as cross and dot products, computation of distances of points to other objects, and other functions.

3) The new command "pickf" has been added in "DRAW Variables management" category. It allows extracting a picked with mouse face included in some shape as a new variable.

4) New commands "del" and "era" have been added in "DRAW Variables management" category. They allow deleting (destructing) or erasing (from view) variables matched by glob pattern.

5) Missing help for some commands like "don", "disp" and others has been added.
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