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kgv bugmaster master 2016-08-20 16:37:56 master 07665732
Affected Issues  0027796: Visualization - allow 3D objects with Graphic3d_TMF_2d flag
Changeset 0027796: Visualization - allow 3D objects with Graphic3d_TMF_2d flag

Graphic3d_TransformPers::Apply() now does not reset projection matrix
for objects with Graphic3d_TMF_2d flag.

Useless flag Graphic3d_TMF_2d_IsTopDown has been removed.
SelectMgr_SelectableObjectTrsfPersSet now does not skip Graphic3d_TMF_2d presentations.
OpenGl_Layer::BoundingBox() now takes into account Graphic3d_TMF_2d presentations for proper Z-fit.

AIS_ColorScale now uses "lazy" mode for rendering labels
(considering 2D persistence to be already defined within entire structure).

OpenGl_Layer::updateBVH() now updates myAlwaysRenderedMap to handle
dynamic transformation persistence flag change without redisplaying the object.
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