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Affected Issues  0025574: gp_YawPitchRoll Euler Angle computation gives wrong results
Changeset 0025574: gp_YawPitchRoll Euler Angle computation gives wrong results

Conversion of gp_Quaternion to and from intrinsic Tait-Bryan angles (including gp_YawPitchRoll) is fixed.

Before that fix the sequence of rotation axes was opposite to intended; e.g. gp_YawPitchRoll (equivalent to gp_Intrinsic_ZYX) actually was defining intrinsic rotations around X, then Y, then Z.
Now this is fixed, and rotations are made in correct order.

Comments to gp_EulerSequence enumeration are restored (lost due to CDL extraction).

Test bugs fclasses bug25574 is added to check correctness of Euler sequences, including cases from 0025574 and 0025946.
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