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omy omy master 2013-04-12 09:29:02 master fe343049
Affected Issues  0023853: BOP regression (2) - BRepAlgoAPI_Cut
Changeset 0023853: BOP regression (2) - BRepAlgoAPI_Cut.
Changed the way of finding the angle between the faces.
New static functions:
GetFaceDir - builds direction for the face;
FindPointInFace - finds the point in the face in bi normal direction.

New square values have been set in the following test cases:
boolean bopcommon_complex J1
bugs modalg_2 bug202085_6
"TODO" marks have been removed from these cases.
Added test cases bugs modalg_5 bug23853
mod - src/BOPTools/BOPTools_AlgoTools.cdl Diff File
mod - src/BOPTools/BOPTools_AlgoTools.cxx Diff File
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