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ash bugmaster master 2011-05-20 10:15:41 master 2da8a195
Affected Issues  0022322: Improvement of Extrema performance
Changeset OCC22322 Improvement of Extrema performance Deleting useless files
rm - src/BRepExtrema/BRepExtrema_DistanceSS.cdl Diff File
rm - src/BRepExtrema/BRepExtrema_DistShapeShape.cdl Diff File
rm - src/BRepExtrema/BRepExtrema_ExtCC.cdl Diff File
rm - src/BRepExtrema/BRepExtrema_ExtCF.cdl Diff File
rm - src/BRepExtrema/BRepExtrema_ExtFF.cdl Diff File
rm - src/BRepExtrema/BRepExtrema_ExtPC.cdl Diff File
rm - src/BRepExtrema/BRepExtrema_ExtPF.cdl Diff File
rm - src/BRepExtrema/BRepExtrema_Poly.cdl Diff File
rm - src/BRepExtrema/BRepExtrema_SolutionElem.cdl Diff File
rm - src/BRepExtrema/BRepExtrema_SolutionElem.cxx Diff File