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master 61b0191c

2015-08-06 10:07:43


Committer: ski Details Diff
0026490: Visualization - implement draw commands 'voverlaytext' and 'vlayerline' using AIS_InteractiveObject class

Command 'voverlaytext' was removed, its functionality was transfered to command 'vdrawtext'. Corresponding test cases were updated.
Command 'vlayerline' was implemented on AIS.
Affected Issues
mod - src/AIS/AIS_TextLabel.cxx Diff File
mod - src/AIS/AIS_TextLabel.hxx Diff File
mod - src/ViewerTest/ViewerTest_ObjectCommands.cxx Diff File
mod - src/ViewerTest/ViewerTest_ViewerCommands.cxx Diff File
mod - tests/3rdparty/fonts/A7 Diff File
mod - tests/bugs/vis/bug22879 Diff File
mod - tests/bugs/vis/bug25121 Diff File
mod - tests/v3d/raytrace/bug24819 Diff File

master 577c6f0d

2015-08-06 09:27:34


Committer: bugmaster Details Diff
0026243: Boolean operations failed on shapes with fillets

Detected bugs have been fixed.

Test case for issue CR26243
Affected Issues
mod - src/IntAna/IntAna_QuadQuadGeo.cxx Diff File
add - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug26243_1 Diff File
add - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug26243_2 Diff File
add - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug26243_3 Diff File

master 5adae760

2015-08-06 09:13:41


Committer: bugmaster Details Diff
0026506: Change class BRepLib_CheckCurveOnSurface

1. Inline methods have been moved to hxx-file.
2. Geometric part of BRepLib_CheckCurveOnSurface has been moved to GeomLib_CheckCurveOnSurface.

Move try/catch treatment to low level (from BRepLib_CheckCurveOnSurface to GeomLib_CheckCurveOnSurface).
Affected Issues
mod - src/BRepLib/BRepLib_CheckCurveOnSurface.cxx Diff File
mod - src/BRepLib/BRepLib_CheckCurveOnSurface.hxx Diff File
rm - src/BRepLib/BRepLib_CheckCurveOnSurface.lxx Diff File
mod - src/BRepLib/FILES Diff File
mod - src/GeomLib/FILES Diff File
add - src/GeomLib/GeomLib_CheckCurveOnSurface.cxx Diff File
add - src/GeomLib/GeomLib_CheckCurveOnSurface.hxx Diff File
mod - src/IntTools/IntTools_Tools.cxx Diff File

master fd175e09

2015-08-05 08:37:55


Committer: bugmaster Details Diff
0024522: Application crashes on view closing in case of using of clipping planes
Test-case for issue #24522
add - tests/bugs/vis/bug24522 Diff File

master 5163f467

2015-08-04 13:49:10


Committer: bugmaster Details Diff
0026442: Access violation in BRepOffset_MakeOffset

Test cases for issue CR26442
add - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug26442_1 Diff File
add - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug26442_2 Diff File

master 7a324550

2015-08-04 10:00:49


Committer: ski Details Diff
0025785: Visualization - introduce AIS_ColorScale presentation for Color Scale

Color scale is implemented on AIS. Draw command vcolorscale now works with AIS_ColorScale.
In a qt sample VoxelDemo there was added a field AIS_ColorScale myColorsScale to control a color scale. Method displayColorScale and other methods were changed in order to work with this field.
Affected Issues
mod - samples/qt/VoxelDemo/inc/Application.h Diff File
mod - samples/qt/VoxelDemo/src/Application.cpp Diff File
add - src/AIS/AIS_ColorScale.cxx Diff File
rm - src/Aspect/Aspect_ColorScale.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Aspect/FILES Diff File
mod - src/QABugs/QABugs_11.cxx Diff File
mod - src/V3d/FILES Diff File
rm - src/V3d/V3d_ColorScale.cxx Diff File
rm - src/V3d/V3d_ColorScale.hxx Diff File
rm - src/V3d/V3d_ColorScaleLayerItem.cxx Diff File
rm - src/V3d/V3d_ColorScaleLayerItem.hxx Diff File
mod - src/V3d/V3d_LayerMgr.cxx Diff File
mod - src/V3d/V3d_LayerMgr.hxx Diff File
mod - src/V3d/V3d_View.cxx Diff File
mod - src/V3d/V3d_View.hxx Diff File
mod - src/V3d/V3d_View_1.cxx Diff File
mod - src/V3d/V3d_View_2.cxx Diff File
mod - src/V3d/V3d_View_3.cxx Diff File
mod - src/V3d/V3d_View_4.cxx Diff File
mod - src/V3d/V3d_View_5.cxx Diff File
mod - src/V3d/V3d_View_Print.cxx Diff File
mod - src/ViewerTest/ViewerTest_ViewerCommands.cxx Diff File
mod - tests/3rdparty/fonts/A1 Diff File
mod - tests/bugs/vis/bug21091_1 Diff File
mod - tests/bugs/vis/bug22819 Diff File
mod - tests/bugs/vis/bug25027 Diff File
mod - tests/bugs/vis/bug25136 Diff File

master 7e17e8f0

2015-08-03 15:41:56


Committer: bugmaster Details Diff
0026249: Visualization, TKV3d - fix possible division by zero in SelectMgr_RectangularFrustum

Added zero-length check for triangle normal in SelectMgr_RectangularFrustum::Overlaps
Affected Issues
mod - src/SelectMgr/SelectMgr_RectangularFrustum.cxx Diff File

master 673167be

2015-07-31 12:24:44


Committer: bugmaster Details Diff
Add directories build and install to ignore list.
mod - .gitignore Diff File

master c3282ec1

2015-07-31 11:38:19


Details Diff
0026272: Visualization - provide a possibility to activate selection modes without opening local context

- picked or selected objects are now highlighted via owners instead of interactive objects;
- support methods for owners were added to AIS_InteractiveContext;
- dynamically highlighted owners are now displayed in immediate mode;
- selection without opening of local context is enabled by default;
- added "-local" key to vselmode command to enable selection in local context;
- selection filters are now completely supported in AIS_InteractiveContext;
- the idea of differencing of selected items onto current (in interactive context) and selected (local selection) was eliminated;
- all calls to "current" were replaced by calls to "selected" in terms of future local context removal;
- AIS_InteractiveObject::mySelectionMode was removed;
- now each selectable object can define own selection mode for "global" selection of the whole object;
- whole object selection mode is 0 by default for all standard interactive objects;
- immediate structures are now added to topmost and top layer lists;
- added support of drawing immediate structures in different layers;
- unused code for immediate mode was removed;
- vfeedback and vexport commands now produce correct output for raytrace mode.
mod - samples/mfc/standard/03_Viewer2d/src/Viewer2dDoc.cpp Diff File
mod - samples/mfc/standard/Common/User_Cylinder.cxx Diff File
mod - src/AIS/AIS_InteractiveContext.cxx Diff File
mod - src/AIS/AIS_InteractiveContext.hxx Diff File
mod - src/AIS/AIS_InteractiveContext_1.cxx Diff File
mod - src/AIS/AIS_InteractiveContext_2.cxx Diff File
mod - src/AIS/AIS_InteractiveObject.cxx Diff File
mod - src/AIS/AIS_InteractiveObject.hxx Diff File
mod - src/AIS/AIS_InteractiveObject.lxx Diff File
mod - src/AIS/AIS_LocalContext.cxx Diff File
mod - src/AIS/AIS_LocalContext.hxx Diff File
mod - src/AIS/AIS_LocalContext_1.cxx Diff File
mod - src/AIS/AIS_MultipleConnectedInteractive.cxx Diff File
mod - src/AIS/AIS_MultipleConnectedInteractive.hxx Diff File
mod - src/Graphic3d/Graphic3d_GraphicDriver.hxx Diff File
mod - src/Graphic3d/Graphic3d_ViewAffinity.hxx Diff File
mod - src/MeshVS/MeshVS_Mesh.cxx Diff File
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_Caps.cxx Diff File
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_Caps.hxx Diff File
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_GraphicDriver.cxx Diff File
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_GraphicDriver.hxx Diff File
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_StructureShadow.cxx Diff File
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_View.hxx Diff File
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_View_2.cxx Diff File
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_Workspace.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Prs3d/Prs3d_PresentationShadow.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Prs3d/Prs3d_PresentationShadow.hxx Diff File
mod - src/PrsMgr/PrsMgr_PresentationManager.cxx Diff File
mod - src/PrsMgr/PrsMgr_PresentationManager.hxx Diff File
mod - src/QABugs/QABugs_1.cxx Diff File
mod - src/QABugs/QABugs_11.cxx Diff File
mod - src/QABugs/QABugs_17.cxx Diff File
mod - src/QABugs/QABugs_8.cxx Diff File
mod - src/SelectMgr/SelectMgr_EntityOwner.cxx Diff File
mod - src/SelectMgr/SelectMgr_SelectableObject.cxx Diff File
mod - src/SelectMgr/SelectMgr_SelectableObject.hxx Diff File
mod - src/SelectMgr/SelectMgr_SelectableObject.lxx Diff File
mod - src/StdSelect/StdSelect_BRepOwner.cxx Diff File
mod - src/TPrsStd/TPrsStd_AISPresentation.cxx Diff File
mod - src/V3d/V3d_Viewer_4.cxx Diff File
mod - src/ViewerTest/ViewerTest.cxx Diff File
mod - src/ViewerTest/ViewerTest_ObjectCommands.cxx Diff File
mod - src/ViewerTest/ViewerTest_ViewerCommands.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Visual3d/Visual3d_View.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Visual3d/Visual3d_View.hxx Diff File
mod - tests/bugs/vis/bug1629 Diff File
mod - tests/bugs/vis/bug24966 Diff File
mod - tests/bugs/vis/bug25528 Diff File

master 773d3a5a

2015-07-31 09:59:48


Committer: ski Details Diff
0026508: Add the possibility to get label from XCAFPrs_AISObject. Affected Issues
mod - src/XCAFPrs/XCAFPrs_AISObject.hxx Diff File

master 3c1304bf

2015-07-30 10:08:26


Committer: bugmaster Details Diff
0026447: Performance degradation intersecting cylindrical surfaces

Added test case bugs/modalg_6/bug26447
Affected Issues
add - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug26447 Diff File

master db6c6404

2015-07-30 09:52:44


Committer: bugmaster Details Diff
0026485: Problem with the normals of a triangulated shape

Use gp::Resolution() instead of Precision::SquareConfustion() in order to normalize normal vectors according to implementation of gp_Vec::Normalize().

Test case

Test-case for issue #26485
mod - src/Poly/Poly.cxx Diff File
mod - src/QABugs/QABugs_19.cxx Diff File
add - tests/bugs/fclasses/bug26485 Diff File

master 8c820969

2015-07-30 09:49:43


Committer: bugmaster Details Diff
0026437: Visualization - Improve path tracing rendering engine

Fix compile warnings.
Affected Issues
add - samples/tcl/pathtrace.tcl Diff File
mod - src/Graphic3d/Graphic3d_RenderingParams.hxx Diff File
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_View.hxx Diff File
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_View_Raytrace.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Shaders/PathtraceBase.fs Diff File
mod - src/Shaders/RaytraceBase.fs Diff File
mod - src/Shaders/RaytraceRender.fs Diff File
mod - src/ViewerTest/ViewerTest_ViewerCommands.cxx Diff File

master c14cd5a2

2015-07-29 13:38:31


Committer: bugmaster Details Diff
0026496: Error in use the BRepCheck_Analyzer
Test-case for issue #26496
add - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug26496 Diff File

master 8948e778

2015-07-29 13:14:09


Committer: bugmaster Details Diff
026464: BRepOffset_MakeOffset does not provide valid output

Handling of degenerated case improved.

Test-case for issue #26464
mod - src/BRepOffset/BRepOffset_Offset.cxx Diff File
add - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug26464 Diff File

master 016dfb16

2015-07-29 13:10:53


Committer: bugmaster Details Diff
0026481: Incorrect result of BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffset: excess hanging arcs in the open result with join type GeomAbs_Arc

Test-case for issue #26481
mod - src/BRepFill/BRepFill_OffsetWire.cxx Diff File
add - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug26481 Diff File

master debc95ee

2015-07-29 12:38:41


Committer: bugmaster Details Diff
0026484: BRepExtrema_DistShapeShape hangs

Check in math_GlobOptMin::computeGlobalExtremum(...) method if the parameter went out of boundary(-ies).

Added test case bugs/modalg_6/bug26484
mod - src/math/math_GlobOptMin.cxx Diff File
add - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug26484 Diff File

master 03383c97

2015-07-29 12:33:30


Committer: bugmaster Details Diff
0026473: Offset API fails to create offset shape

Tolerance of map building changed.
Added possibility to work 0.0 offset value.

Added test cases bugs/modalg_6/bug26473_1 bug26473_2
mod - src/BRepOffset/BRepOffset_Analyse.cxx Diff File
mod - src/BRepOffset/BRepOffset_MakeOffset.cxx Diff File
add - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug26473_1 Diff File
add - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug26473_2 Diff File

master c5d8782c

2015-07-29 12:29:42


Committer: bugmaster Details Diff
0026420: BOPAlgo_Builder resets "Closed" flag in the result

Set flag Closed to new Wires and Shells created in General Fuse algorithm if necessary.

Test-cases for issue 0026420
Affected Issues
mod - src/BOPAlgo/BOPAlgo_BuilderFace.cxx Diff File
mod - src/BOPAlgo/BOPAlgo_Builder_1.cxx Diff File
mod - src/BOPAlgo/BOPAlgo_WireSplitter.lxx Diff File
add - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug26420_1 Diff File
add - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug26420_2 Diff File
add - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug26420_3 Diff File

master 787c4320

2015-07-29 12:24:03


Committer: bugmaster Details Diff
0026444: Boolean operation "bcut" gives invalid result between solid and halfspace solid.

class BOPAlgo_PaveFiller
method void BOPAlgo_PaveFiller::PutPaveOnCurve
(const Standard_Integer nV,
const Standard_Real aTolR3D,
BOPDS_Curve& aNC,
const BOPCol_MapOfInteger& aMI,
BOPCol_DataMapOfIntegerReal& aMVTol,
const Standard_Integer iCheckExtend)

Do not put the pave on the curve in case if there is already one with the same parameter.
Update tolerance of the existing vertex to reach the new one.

Added test case bugs/modalg_6/bug26444.
Test boolean/volumemaker/G1 is stable now (deleted TODOs), test offset/faces_type_i/C9 is bad (offset is done with wrong result).
mod - src/BOPAlgo/BOPAlgo_PaveFiller_6.cxx Diff File
mod - src/BOPAlgo/BOPAlgo_PaveFiller_8.cxx Diff File
mod - src/BOPDS/BOPDS_PaveBlock.cxx Diff File
mod - src/BOPDS/BOPDS_PaveBlock.hxx Diff File
mod - tests/boolean/volumemaker/G1 Diff File
add - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug26444 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/faces_type_i/C9 Diff File

master 317d68c9

2015-07-29 10:28:49


Committer: bugmaster Details Diff
0026361: Visualization - move OpenGl_TextFormatter to Font_TextFormatter
for usage without OpenGL.
Split OpenGl_TextFormatter into Font_TextFormatter and OpenGl_TextBuilder.
Font_TextFormatter can format a text independetly of OpenGl now.
OpenGl_TextBuilder generates primitive array required for rendering text
using OpenGl_Font instance.
mod - src/Font/FILES Diff File
mod - src/Font/Font_FTFont.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Font/Font_FTFont.hxx Diff File
add - src/Font/Font_TextFormatter.cxx Diff File
mod - src/OpenGl/FILES Diff File
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_Font.cxx Diff File
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_Font.hxx Diff File
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_Text.cxx Diff File
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_Text.hxx Diff File
add - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_TextBuilder.cxx Diff File
add - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_TextBuilder.hxx Diff File
rm - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_TextFormatter.cxx Diff File

master 8a755387

2015-07-28 17:55:48


Details Diff
Corrected integration for issue 26393
mod - src/BOPTest/BOPTest_HistoryCommands.cxx Diff File

master a447178e

2015-07-28 13:17:57


Committer: bugmaster Details Diff
0026492: OpenGl_FrameBuffer does not releases itself correctly

Logic related to myIsOwnBuffer flag in OpenGl_FrameBuffer was corrected.
Affected Issues
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_FrameBuffer.cxx Diff File

master ce41efde

2015-07-28 09:45:45


Committer: bugmaster Details Diff
0026466: UnifySameDomain creates invalid result shape from valid input shape

Test-case for issue #26466
mod - src/ShapeUpgrade/ShapeUpgrade_UnifySameDomain.cxx Diff File
add - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug26466 Diff File

master 50bc8f96

2015-07-28 09:18:04


Committer: bugmaster Details Diff
0026395: Merge clasees NCollection_CellFilter_NDim and NCollection_CellFilter

Deleted exceed class CellFilterNDim.
Now dimension count used as input parameter in NCollection_CellFilter.

minor corrections.
Affected Issues
mod - src/BRepBuilderAPI/BRepBuilderAPI_FastSewing.cxx Diff File
mod - src/BRepBuilderAPI/BRepBuilderAPI_Sewing.cxx Diff File
mod - src/BRepMesh/BRepMesh_CircleTool.cxx Diff File
mod - src/BRepMesh/BRepMesh_CircleTool.hxx Diff File
mod - src/BRepMesh/BRepMesh_VertexTool.cxx Diff File
mod - src/BRepMesh/BRepMesh_VertexTool.hxx Diff File
mod - src/Extrema/Extrema_GenExtCC.gxx Diff File
mod - src/math/math_GlobOptMin.cxx Diff File
mod - src/math/math_GlobOptMin.hxx Diff File
mod - src/NCollection/FILES Diff File
mod - src/NCollection/NCollection_CellFilter.hxx Diff File
rm - src/NCollection/NCollection_CellFilterNDim.hxx Diff File
mod - src/NCollection/NCollection_LocalArray.hxx Diff File
mod - src/RWStl/RWStl.cxx Diff File
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