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master 6dd6e5c7

2016-11-16 14:47:07


Committer: apn Details Diff
0028115: Visualization, Ray tracing - Fix crash on NVIDIA GPUs with driver version 373.06 when window is resized Affected Issues
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_View_Raytrace.cxx Diff File

master f3495b01

2016-11-16 14:08:24


Committer: apn Details Diff
0027828: Reference documentation of AIS_Trihedron contains invalid information about default size.

Fixed the description of AIS_Trihedron
Affected Issues
mod - dox/user_guides/visualization/ Diff File
mod - src/AIS/AIS_Trihedron.hxx Diff File

master 383c6c9f

2016-11-16 12:44:56


Committer: apn Details Diff
0028114: Visualization, Path tracing - Make path tracing mode interactive in high resolutions Affected Issues
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_View.hxx Diff File
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_View_Raytrace.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Shaders/PathtraceBase.fs Diff File
mod - src/Shaders/RaytraceRender.fs Diff File
mod - src/Shaders/Shaders_PathtraceBase_fs.pxx Diff File
mod - src/Shaders/Shaders_RaytraceRender_fs.pxx Diff File

master 80223385

2016-11-16 09:07:55


Committer: apn Details Diff
0028079: Proofreading of updates section and possible documentation changes since 7.0

Added some content from the bugtracker to porting notes.
Reviewed some other recent changes.
Affected Issues
mod - dox/dev_guides/building/cmake/ Diff File
mod - dox/dev_guides/upgrade/ Diff File
mod - dox/user_guides/foundation_classes/ Diff File
mod - dox/user_guides/modeling_data/ Diff File
mod - dox/user_guides/ocaf/ Diff File

master 640d5fe2

2016-11-15 18:05:52


Committer: apn Details Diff
0028107: Visualization - provide a flexible interface to set custom hatch styles

- class Graphic3d_HatchStyle is added to provide a possibility to set up custom and predefined hatching;
- added the ability to set custom hatch patterns through bitmaps;
- test case for issue #28107
mod - src/Aspect/Aspect_HatchStyle.hxx Diff File
mod - src/Graphic3d/FILES Diff File
mod - src/Graphic3d/Graphic3d_AspectFillArea3d.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Graphic3d/Graphic3d_AspectFillArea3d.hxx Diff File
mod - src/Graphic3d/Graphic3d_ClipPlane.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Graphic3d/Graphic3d_ClipPlane.hxx Diff File
add - src/Graphic3d/Graphic3d_HatchStyle.cxx Diff File
add - src/Graphic3d/Graphic3d_HatchStyle.hxx Diff File
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_AspectFace.cxx Diff File
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_Context.cxx Diff File
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_Context.hxx Diff File
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_LineAttributes.cxx Diff File
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_LineAttributes.hxx Diff File
mod - src/V3d/V3d_Plane.cxx Diff File
mod - src/ViewerTest/ViewerTest.cxx Diff File
add - tests/bugs/vis/bug28107 Diff File

master 712879c8

2016-11-15 09:17:45


Committer: apn Details Diff
0027383: Modeling - improve handling of regularity on edges

1. There has been implemented calculation of all possible types of continuity for shared edges:
* G1 is set if tangential planes are the same for connected faces in each control points through the edge;
* C1 is set in addition to G1 conditions if derivatives, orthogonal to the edge on each face, are equal vectors;
* G2 is set in addition to G1 if the centers of principal curvatures are the same for connected faces in each control points through the edge;
* C2 is set in addition to C1 and G2 if directions of principal curvatures are equal;
* CN continuity is set only if both connected faces are based on elementary surfaces (the conditions for this case are similar to C2 continuity).

2. ShapeFix::EncodeRegularity() is merged into BRepLib::EncodeRegularity().
3. Implemented several test cases to check correct handling of regularity.
4. Fix incorrect usage of BRepLib::EncodeRegularity() in BRepBuilderAPI_Sewing.
5. Implement a method for calculation of regularity on the given list of edges.
6. Documentation updates
Affected Issues
mod - dox/user_guides/modeling_algos/ Diff File
add - dox/user_guides/modeling_data/images/modeling_data_continuity_curves.svg Diff File
add - dox/user_guides/modeling_data/images/modeling_data_continuity_surfaces.svg Diff File
mod - dox/user_guides/modeling_data/ Diff File
mod - src/BRepBuilderAPI/BRepBuilderAPI_Sewing.cxx Diff File
mod - src/BRepBuilderAPI/BRepBuilderAPI_Sewing.hxx Diff File
mod - src/BRepLib/BRepLib.cxx Diff File
mod - src/BRepLib/BRepLib.hxx Diff File
mod - src/ShapeFix/ShapeFix.cxx Diff File
mod - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug27341_313 Diff File
mod - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug27341_314 Diff File
mod - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug27383_1 Diff File
mod - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug27383_2 Diff File
add - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug27383_3 Diff File
add - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug27383_4 Diff File
add - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug27383_5 Diff File
add - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug27383_6 Diff File
add - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug27383_7 Diff File

master d673da18

2016-11-14 15:08:44


Committer: apn Details Diff
0028103: Foundation Classes - extend NCollection_Map to check whether two given maps are intersected

Mehtod HasIntersection added in NCollection_Map to check whether two given maps contain at least one same item.
'Draw' command and test to check the method were created.
Affected Issues
mod - src/NCollection/NCollection_Map.hxx Diff File
mod - src/QANCollection/QANCollection_Test.cxx Diff File
add - tests/collections/grids.list Diff File
add - tests/collections/n/begin Diff File
add - tests/collections/n/end Diff File
add - tests/collections/n/map Diff File

master ad03c234

2016-11-14 11:31:00


Committer: apn Details Diff
0028110: Configuration - specify Unicode charset instead of multibyte in project files for Visual Studio

Eliminated usage of ANSI methods.
All Visual Studio projects generated by genproj or CMake use Unicode character set.

Draw Harness now handles Unicode input on Windows.
Tcl test scripts are now expected in UTF-8 encoding by default.
Affected Issues
mod - adm/genproj.tcl Diff File
mod - CMakeLists.txt Diff File
mod - src/Draw/CommandWindow.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Draw/COMMANDWINDOW.h Diff File
mod - src/Draw/Draw.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Draw/Draw_Appli.hxx Diff File
mod - src/Draw/Draw_Main.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Draw/Draw_Viewer.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Draw/Draw_Window.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Draw/Draw_Window.hxx Diff File
mod - src/Draw/ Diff File
mod - src/Draw/init.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Draw/init.h Diff File
mod - src/Draw/MainWindow.cxx Diff File
mod - src/IVtkDraw/IVtkDraw.cxx Diff File
mod - src/IVtkDraw/IVtkDraw.hxx Diff File
mod - src/OSD/OSD_Environment.cxx Diff File
mod - src/OSD/OSD_File.cxx Diff File
mod - src/OSD/OSD_Host.cxx Diff File
mod - src/OSD/OSD_Process.cxx Diff File
mod - src/ViewerTest/ViewerTest.hxx Diff File
mod - src/ViewerTest/ViewerTest_ViewerCommands.cxx Diff File
mod - src/WNT/FILES Diff File
mod - src/WNT/WNT_WClass.cxx Diff File
mod - src/WNT/WNT_WClass.hxx Diff File
rm - src/WNT/WNT_WClass.lxx Diff File
mod - src/WNT/WNT_Window.cxx Diff File

master 6fe58c66

2016-11-14 10:14:04


Committer: apn Details Diff
0028099: Visualization, OpenGl_Text - handle DIMENSION and SUBTITLE styles within Core Profile

OpenGl_Text now creates VBO for drawing background rectangle.
Affected Issues
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_Text.cxx Diff File
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_Text.hxx Diff File
add - tests/bugs/vis/bug28099_text_core Diff File

master 41aa3c3d

2016-11-14 07:19:15


Committer: apn Details Diff
0028046: Incomplete result of offset operation in mode complete intersection

1. Special usage of the common edges not belonging to any invalidity while rebuilding the invalid faces (method IntersectFaces() in BRepOffset_MakeOffset_1.cxx).
Such edges could only be extended to the valid faces boundaries, thus could only split the face and not create any new part.

2. Test cases for the issue.
mod - src/BRepOffset/BRepOffset_MakeOffset_1.cxx Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Q1 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XC5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XL1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XL2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XL3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XL4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XL5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XL6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XL7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XL8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XL9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XM1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XM2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XM3 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZD9 Diff File

master ef9a9362

2016-11-11 15:20:49


Committer: apn Details Diff
0028093: Visualization - access violation on removal of dynamic highlighting after device loss

OpenGl_Layer::Remove() now tries to remove object from myAlwaysRenderedMap
if it was not removed from other groups.
Affected Issues
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_Layer.cxx Diff File
add - tests/bugs/vis/bug28093 Diff File

master 624f732f

2016-11-11 14:59:23


Committer: apn Details Diff
0026007: Standard attribute for surface meshes in TDataStd
mod - src/BinMDataXtd/BinMDataXtd.cxx Diff File
mod - src/BinMDataXtd/BinMDataXtd.hxx Diff File
add - src/BinMDataXtd/BinMDataXtd_TriangulationDriver.cxx Diff File
add - src/BinMDataXtd/BinMDataXtd_TriangulationDriver.hxx Diff File
mod - src/BinMDataXtd/FILES Diff File
mod - src/DDataStd/DDataStd_BasicCommands.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Poly/Poly_Triangulation.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Poly/Poly_Triangulation.hxx Diff File
mod - src/TDataXtd/FILES Diff File
mod - src/TDataXtd/TDataXtd.hxx Diff File
add - src/TDataXtd/TDataXtd_Triangulation.cxx Diff File
add - src/TDataXtd/TDataXtd_Triangulation.hxx Diff File
mod - src/XmlMDataXtd/FILES Diff File
mod - src/XmlMDataXtd/XmlMDataXtd.cxx Diff File
mod - src/XmlMDataXtd/XmlMDataXtd.hxx Diff File
add - src/XmlMDataXtd/XmlMDataXtd_TriangulationDriver.cxx Diff File
add - src/XmlMDataXtd/XmlMDataXtd_TriangulationDriver.hxx Diff File
add - tests/caf/basic/N1 Diff File
add - tests/caf/basic/N2 Diff File

master 16c93d97

2016-11-11 14:08:08


Committer: apn Details Diff
0028094: Shape obtained after DRAW command "splitshape" has unnecessary high tolerance.

Check of the gap between ends of the p-curves having common vertex in the parametric space of face similar as in the class BRepCheck_Wire was added.
Check that face lies on the periodic surface was added.
Added check between ends of 2D curves in the 3D space and vertex the same which used in the BRepCheck_Wire::SelfIntersect
Test case for issue CR28094 has been created.
mod - src/LocOpe/LocOpe_WiresOnShape.cxx Diff File
add - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug28094 Diff File

master 7fbac3c2

2016-11-11 14:00:25


Committer: apn Details Diff
0028077: Add option for genproj to generate UWP projects

Ability to generate UWP solution was added to genproj command, applied when VC version set to "vc14-uwp".
Environment variables are used to find installed Microsoft SDKs.

Visual Studio project option "Use precompiled headers" is set to "Not Using" by default.
Character set option of VS project Unicode is used instead of preprocessor definitions for UWP projects.
Affected Issues
mod - adm/genproj.tcl Diff File
mod - adm/templates/msvc.bat Diff File
mod - adm/templates/template.vc10 Diff File

master 197cddcf

2016-11-11 12:49:41


Committer: apn Details Diff
0028092: Wrong statement in reference manual for Geom_ToroidalSurface::Bounds

Description has been corrected.
Affected Issues
mod - src/Geom/Geom_ToroidalSurface.hxx Diff File

master eca05392

2016-11-09 15:27:47


Committer: apn Details Diff
0028081: Fix regression in HLR introduced by the fix for 28053

The whole piece of the walking line between two vertices is no more checked for having length greater than Precision::Confusion(). Instead, only full duplicate points (comparing with gp::Resolution()) are removed, allowing the resulting line have any non-null length.

The test bugs modalg_6 bug27720_5 has been reverted to its original state.
mod - src/Contap/Contap_Contour.cxx Diff File
mod - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug27720_5 Diff File

master 424392e0

2016-11-09 14:55:51


Committer: apn Details Diff
0028061: Samples - Highlighting of any object with "Hidden On" option leads to crash in mfc Modeling

Graphic3d_Structure::Highlight() does not call UnHighlight() anymore.
Affected Issues
mod - src/Graphic3d/Graphic3d_Structure.cxx Diff File
mod - src/OpenGl/OpenGl_Structure.cxx Diff File
add - tests/bugs/vis/bug28061 Diff File

master bf7b2ceb

2016-11-09 13:20:32


Committer: apn Details Diff
0028056: Draw Harness, ViewerTest - correct vanimation command to produce stable timestamp on seek Affected Issues
mod - src/AIS/AIS_Animation.cxx Diff File
mod - src/AIS/AIS_Animation.hxx Diff File
mod - src/ViewerTest/ViewerTest_ViewerCommands.cxx Diff File

master aa7b761d

2016-11-09 09:12:43


Details Diff
Incrementing OCCT version up to 7.1.0 beta
mod - src/Standard/Standard_Version.hxx Diff File

master 9d420e02

2016-11-09 09:08:50


Details Diff
Update test case offset/shape_type_i_c/Q9 according to new behavior
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Q9 Diff File

master d102153b

2016-11-09 09:07:07


Details Diff
Updated dependencies in mfc OCAF sample
mod - samples/mfc/standard/06_Ocaf/adm/win/vc10/Ocaf.vcxproj Diff File
mod - samples/mfc/standard/06_Ocaf/adm/win/vc11/Ocaf.vcxproj Diff File
mod - samples/mfc/standard/06_Ocaf/adm/win/vc12/Ocaf.vcxproj Diff File
mod - samples/mfc/standard/06_Ocaf/adm/win/vc14/Ocaf.vcxproj Diff File

master 326b3e28

2016-11-09 08:22:12


Committer: apn Details Diff
0028076: Test bugs moddata_2 bug469 fails when FPE are enabled

The reason of FPE exception has been eliminated.
mod - src/ApproxInt/ApproxInt_KnotTools.cxx Diff File

master 63dbfc04

2016-11-08 15:43:09


Committer: apn Details Diff
0028059: Correction of upgrade guide for 7.1

Correction of upgrade guide for 7.1
// minor corrections
Affected Issues
mod - dox/dev_guides/upgrade/ Diff File

master ecf4f17c

2016-11-08 15:04:28


Committer: apn Details Diff
0026917: 3D Offset algorithm produces incorrect result

Extension on the 3D Offset algorithm (Mode="Complete", Join Type = "Intersection")
for colliding cases to add support for new configurations of the shapes.
In the previous approach the result of the offset operation was build from
the offset faces using MakerVolume algorithm, without checking of the validity of these faces.
The new extension is based on this approach, but now the offset faces are being checked
on invalidity and rebuild in case of any. This allows (in case of successful rebuilding) to avoid creation
of the unforeseen parts such as dangling parts, spikes, inverted faces in the result of offset operation.
The main criteria for the validity of the faces is the coincidence of the normal
direction of the offset face with the normal direction of the original face.
Check for removal of invalid faces has been removed as obsolete.

BRepOffset_Inter2D: Avoid excess trimming of the edges due to coincidence with other edges.
BRepOffset_Inter3D: Careful treatment of the intersection of the faces connected only through vertices.

Eliminating the compiler warning.

Small corrections of test cases for issue CR26917
mod - src/BOPAlgo/BOPAlgo_Builder_4.cxx Diff File
mod - src/BOPAlgo/BOPAlgo_PaveFiller_6.cxx Diff File
mod - src/BOPTools/BOPTools_AlgoTools_2.cxx Diff File
mod - src/BRepOffset/BRepOffset_Inter2d.cxx Diff File
mod - src/BRepOffset/BRepOffset_Inter2d.hxx Diff File
mod - src/BRepOffset/BRepOffset_Inter3d.cxx Diff File
mod - src/BRepOffset/BRepOffset_MakeOffset.cxx Diff File
mod - src/BRepOffset/BRepOffset_MakeOffset.hxx Diff File
add - src/BRepOffset/BRepOffset_MakeOffset_1.cxx Diff File
mod - src/BRepOffset/FILES Diff File
mod - src/BRepTest/BRepTest_FeatureCommands.cxx Diff File
mod - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug27540_1 Diff File
mod - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug27540_2 Diff File
mod - tests/bugs/modalg_6/bug27540_3 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/end Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/A1 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/A2 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/A3 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/A4 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/A5 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/A6 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/A7 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/A8 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/A9 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/B1 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/B2 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/B3 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/B4 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/B5 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/B6 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/B7 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/B8 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/B9 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/C1 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/C2 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/C3 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/C4 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/C5 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/C6 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/C7 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/C8 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/C9 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/D1 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/D2 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/D3 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/D4 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/D5 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/D6 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/D7 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/D8 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/D9 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/E1 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/E2 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/E3 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/E4 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/E5 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/E6 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/E7 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/E8 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/E9 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/F1 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/F2 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/F3 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/F4 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/F5 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/F6 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/F7 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/F8 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/F9 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/G1 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/G2 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/G3 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/G4 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/G5 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/G6 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/G7 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/G8 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/G9 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/H1 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/H2 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/H3 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/H4 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/H5 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/H6 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/H7 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/H8 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/H9 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/I1 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/I2 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/I3 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/I4 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/I5 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/I6 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/I7 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/I8 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/I9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/J1 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/J2 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/J3 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/J4 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/J5 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/J6 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/J7 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/J8 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/J9 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/K1 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/K2 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/K3 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/K4 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/K5 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/K6 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/K7 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/K8 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/K9 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/L1 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/L2 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/L3 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/L4 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/L5 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/L6 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/L7 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/L8 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/L9 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/M1 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/M2 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/M3 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/M4 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/M5 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/M6 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/M7 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/M8 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/M9 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/N1 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/N2 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/N3 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/N4 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/N5 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/N6 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/N7 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/N8 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/N9 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/O1 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/O2 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/O3 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/O4 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/O5 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/O6 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/O7 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/O8 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/O9 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/P1 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/P2 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/P3 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/P4 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/P5 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/P6 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/P7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/P8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/P9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Q1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Q2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Q3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Q4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Q5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Q6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Q7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Q8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Q9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/R1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/R2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/R3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/R4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/R5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/R6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/R7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/R8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/R9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/S1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/S2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/S3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/S4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/S5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/S6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/S7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/S8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/S9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/T1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/T2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/T3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/T4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/T5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/T6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/T7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/T8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/T9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/U1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/U2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/U3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/U4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/U5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/U6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/U7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/U8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/U9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/V1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/V2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/V3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/V4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/V5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/V6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/V7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/V8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/V9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/W1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/W2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/W3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/W4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/W5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/W6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/W7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/W8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/W9 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/X1 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/X2 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/X3 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/X4 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/X5 Diff File
mod - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/X6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XA1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XA2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XA3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XA4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XA5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XA6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XA7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XA8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XA9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XB1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XB2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XB3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XB4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XB5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XB6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XB7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XB8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XB9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XC1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XC2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XC3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XC4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XC5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XC6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XC7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XC8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XC9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XD1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XD2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XD3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XD4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XD5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XD6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XD7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XD8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XD9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XE1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XE2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XE3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XE4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XE5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XE6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XE7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XE8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XE9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XF1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XF2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XF3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XF4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XF5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XF6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XF7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XF8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XF9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XG1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XG2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XG3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XG4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XG5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XG6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XG7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XG8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XG9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XH1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XH2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XH3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XH4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XH5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XH6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XH7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XH8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XH9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XI1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XI2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XI3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XI4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XI5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XI6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XI7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XI8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XI9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XJ1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XJ2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XJ3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XJ4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XJ5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XJ6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XJ7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XJ8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XJ9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XK1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/XK2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Y1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Y2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Y3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Y4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Y5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Y6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Y7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Y8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Y9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Z1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Z2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Z3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Z4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Z5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Z6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Z7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Z8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/Z9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZA1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZA2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZA3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZA4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZA5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZA6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZA7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZA8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZA9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZB1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZB2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZB3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZB4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZB5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZB6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZB7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZB8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZB9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZC1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZC2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZC3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZC4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZC5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZC6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZC7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZC8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZC9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZD1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZD2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZD3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZD4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZD5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZD6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZD7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZD8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZD9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZE1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZE2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZE3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZE4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZE5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZE6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZE7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZE8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZE9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZF1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZF2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZF3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZF4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZF5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZF6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZF7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZF8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZF9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZG1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZG2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZG3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZG4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZG5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZG6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZG7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZG8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZG9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZH1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZH2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZH3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZH4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZH5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZH6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZH7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZH8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZH9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZI1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZI2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZI3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZI4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZI5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZI6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZI7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZI8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZI9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZJ1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZJ2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZJ3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZJ4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZJ5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZJ6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZJ7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZJ8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZJ9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZK1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZK2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZK3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZK4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZK5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZK6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZK7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZK8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZK9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZL1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZL2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZL3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZL4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZL5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZL6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZL7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZL8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZL9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZM1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZM2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZM3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZM4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZM5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZM6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZM7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZM8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZM9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZN1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZN2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZN3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZN4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZN5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZN6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZN7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZN8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZN9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZO1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZO2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZO3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZO4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZO5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZO6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZO7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZO8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZO9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZP1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZP2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZP3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZP4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZP5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZP6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZP7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZP8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZP9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZQ1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZQ2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZQ3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZQ4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZQ5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZQ6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZQ7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZQ8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZQ9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZR1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZR2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZR3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZR4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZR5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZR6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZR7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZR8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZR9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZS1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZS2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZS3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZS4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZS5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZS6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZS7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZS8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZS9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZT1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZT2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZT3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZT4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZT5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZT6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZT7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZT8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZT9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZU1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZU2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZU3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZU4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZU5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZU6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZU7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZU8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZU9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZV1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZV2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZV3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZV4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZV5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZV6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZV7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZV8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZV9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZW1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZW2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZW3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZW4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZW5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZW6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZW7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZW8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZW9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZX1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZX2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZX3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZX4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZX5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZX6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZX7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZX8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZX9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZY1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZY2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZY3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZY4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZY5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZY6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZY7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZY8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZY9 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZZ1 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZZ2 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZZ3 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZZ4 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZZ5 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZZ6 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZZ7 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZZ8 Diff File
add - tests/offset/shape_type_i_c/ZZ9 Diff File

master 71c089e9

2016-11-08 14:26:23


Committer: apn Details Diff
0028068: Samples - Add dimension functionality shows incorrect tip for an Edge in mfc Viewer3d

Warning message was updated to show actual information.
Additional checking of type of shape was added to prevent exceptions for Add Dimension functionality.
Affected Issues
mod - samples/mfc/standard/Common/AngleParamsVerticesPage.cpp Diff File
mod - samples/mfc/standard/Common/LengthParamsEdgePage.cpp Diff File
mod - samples/mfc/standard/Common/LengthParamsEdgesPage.cpp Diff File
mod - samples/mfc/standard/Common/LengthParamsVerticesPage.cpp Diff File
mod - samples/mfc/standard/Common/ParamsFacesPage.cpp Diff File
mod - samples/mfc/standard/Common/RadiusParamsPage.cpp Diff File
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