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Affected Issues  0032921: Configuration, CMake - allow selecting C++ standard
Changeset 0032921: Configuration, CMake - allow selecting C++ standard.

Make C++ standard to be enable from cmake settings:

User will be able choosing C++ language standard by selecting cmake variable BUILD_CPP_STANDARD.
For correct working, CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD cmake built-in variable should be available.
To enable CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD, minimum CMAKE version has been updated to 3.1.

Available next standard items:

This issue consists from several steps to achive main goal:
1) Configuratiuon, CMake - allow selecting C++ standard.
2) Require minimum CMAKE version 3.1 (for enabling CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD).
3) More flexible CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER_ID identification (fixups previous commit!)
4) Add description of new CMAKE variable `BUILD_CPP_STANDARD` into documentation.
5) Update CMAKE requirements in documentation.
6) Set C++11 standard for several projects.
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