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Summary 0024473: TKMath, BVH - introduce template-based package for Bounding volume hierarchy structures and tools
Revision 2014-09-29 14:06 by dbp
Steps To Reproduce This patch introduces new template-based TKMath/BVH package. A bounding volume hierarchy (BVH) is a tree structure on a set of geometric objects. All geometric objects are wrapped in bounding volumes (BVH package uses axis-aligned bounding boxes - AABB) that are organized into binary tree. This accelerating structure can be used in a wide variety of geometry and graphics algorithms, such as ray-tracing, projecting, collision detection, search of nearest neighbor, frustum culling, efficient selection and others. BVH package includes a variety of BVH building methods, which provide a different balance between construction time and resulted tree quality.
Revision 2013-12-17 14:40 by dbp
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