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Summary 0024618: Embedding vertex in BOP depends on the order of arguments
Revision 2014-02-13 13:49 by pkv
Additional information
and documentation updates
I. New features:
no new features

II. Changes:
II.1. class BOPDS_DS
   - method:
void BOPDS_DS::AloneVertices(const Standard_Integer theI,
                             BOPCol_ListOfInteger& theLI)const
The condition for DS-index of a vertex has been corrected

II.1. class BOPTools_AlgoTools3D
   - static function:
Standard_Boolean HasGeometry(const TopoDS_Shape& aS)

The returnig value has been corrected for shapes of vertex type

III. Modified entities:
Revision 2014-02-12 08:29 by szv
Additional information
and documentation updates

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