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Summary 0030921: Data Exchange - STEPCAFControl_Reader incorrectly reads the specified stp file
Revision 2019-09-04 12:03 by kgv
Steps To Reproduce
pload XDE OCAF
ReadStep Doc TEST.stp
XShow Doc

CAD Assistant log:
11:59 Count	STEP Translator Failures for 'TEST.stp'
       -----	-----------
          14	W:EDGE_LOOP: Edges were intersecting, corrected
Surface forced to be periodic
Exeption was raised. Curve geometry definition is incorrect
           9	F:MANIFOLD_SOLID_BREP: Exeption is raised. Entity was not translated.
          Nb Total:51  for 4 items
Revision 2019-08-26 18:54 by szy
Steps To Reproduce pload ALL
ReadStep Doc TEST.stp
XShow Doc

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