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Summary 0029769: Foundation Classes - Uninitialized data with BSplCLib_Cache, BSplSLib_Cache
Revision 2018-06-14 22:18 by abv
Steps To Reproduce 1. Set MMGT_CLEAR to false (to use malloc instead of calloc in Standard.cxx).

Note that in default environment script env.bat by default sets MMGT_CLEAR to 1, thus it should be edited to set it to 0.

2. Exercise the spline evaluation caching, for instance, in DRAW run:

Draw[]> test demo samples cad
Revision 2018-05-14 23:01 by Aaron Michalk
Steps To Reproduce Set MMGT_CLEAR to false (use malloc instead of calloc in Standard.cxx).
Exercise the spline evaluation caching.

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