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Summary 0028110: Configuration - specify Unicode charset instead of multibyte in project files for Visual Studio
Revision 2016-11-16 10:25 by kgv
Description OCCT is already using explicitly Unicode (wide-char) API in most places on Windows and MFC samples are build with Unicode charset. However, project files for OCCT itself are still generated with obsolete multibyte charset flag (both CMake and genproj).

The charset in project files should be changed to Unicode and remaining places relying on UNICODE macros in OCCT should be replaced by usage of wide-char API explicitly (thus technically OCCT should be build in the same way irrelevant to charset options in project settings).
Revision 2016-11-15 16:45 by ski
Description It is necessary to port OCCT to UNICODE:

• Set "CharacterSet" option of OCCT projects to Unicode (for both genproj/CMake project generators)
• Fix compilation errors if some places of non-wide char API have been left in OCCT

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