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Summary 0027932: Improvement of standard attributes usability
Revision 2016-11-08 11:32 by mpv
Steps To Reproduce The branch CR27932_2 was created rebased to master: the description is updated.
Revision 2016-10-13 17:15 by szy
Steps To Reproduce Added set of new testing scripts to check operability of modified attributes:
1)TDataStd_Integer - A4, A5, A6
2)TDataStd_Real - B4, B5, B6
3)TDataStd_Name - E4, E5, E6
4)TDataStd_AsciiString - N4, N5, N6
Revision 2016-10-05 17:18 by szy
Steps To Reproduce Below is example for case of TDataStd_Real attribute:
Draw[1]> pload FULL
Draw[2]> NewDocument D XmlOcaf
Draw[3]> Label D 0:1:1
Draw[4]> SetReal D 0:1:1 111.111
Draw[5]> SetReal D 0:1:1 111.222 12e9455b-6dbc-11d4-b9c8-0060b0ee2811
Draw[6]> SetReal D 0:1:1 111.333 12e9455b-6dbc-11d4-b9c8-0060b0ee2812
Draw[7]> SetReal D 0:1:1 111.444 12e9455b-6dbc-11d4-b9c8-0060b0ee2813
Draw[8]> DFBrowse D
// result - 4 Real attributes on the same label

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